Welcome to the new home of Rock Fiction

Posted: March 18, 2014 in Note to Readers
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It was growing. So is the editing business.

That meant Westofmars.com was getting … confused. Overcrowded.

The site over there is currently undergoing a complete overhaul (and WAIT until you see it), so Jett convinced me it was time to move to a new home, a place just for Rock Fiction (although we reserve the right to post about Rock Star Books — books that are so good, they deserve to be given Rock Star Status in the reading community).

And here we are. The Rock of Pages.

If you’re an author of Rock Fiction, stay tuned. Once all the content is transferred from West of Mars, I’m going to put up some sample pages. You’ll be able to buy one (yes, buy. With money) to feature yourself. You’ll also be able to advertise here, as well.

But for now, let’s all settle into the new digs. A custom overhaul is in the plans, but first thing’s first.

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